Better Access. Better Outcomes.

Medeo is an alternative to the traditional office visit.  With the strain on our healthcare system, as a provider, you can offer better access with virtual care.  Digital health is the future and Medeo is your partner product in helping you achieve better outcomes for your patients.


How can I use Medeo in my practice?

There are four offerings through the Medeo platform:

Secure Messaging

Send messages to your patients with the security that email does not provide. Alternatively, patients can message you back with their questions or concerns.

File Sharing

An incredibly efficient way to share images between you and your patient or to send and receive documents with your patient.

Virtual Visits

Powerful.  Plain and simple.  For patients with mobility or mental health issues can greatly benefit from an online video visit.  It is also used for patients with complex schedules and office visits that do not require you to see the patient, like test results.

Online Booking

Online Booking for Accuro is a convenient and innovative way for your patients to book appointments online. Save time answering phones and scheduling patients, yet maintain the control you need of your clinic schedule.

How Do I Set Up Medeo for My Practice?

It’s simple. Because Medeo is a web-based solution, no hardware installations are required.

You can get started here. 

Once you have requested to sign up, QHR will be in contact to complete your registration process.

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The Perfect Fit

With devices that connect online, healthcare providers can offer alternatives for patients who may struggle with traditional office visits, mobility and complex health issues that create barriers to their care.

Better Access. Better Outcomes.

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Your patients will love using Medeo

Join thousands of healthcare providers using Medeo as their virtual care platform for enhanced patient care.

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Since 2013, over 100,000 patients have chosen Medeo to keep in touch with their health providers.